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5 Smart Ways to Drive Handsome Traffic from Google Plus

As we know the that after SEO, social media sites are one of the best ways to Drive Extra Traffic to any site/blog. These sites like facebook, pinterest, stumbleupon and many others ctc, play a very important role in increasing the site traffic.

 But, there is also one of the leading social site that today mostly bloggers misses. Yes it's Google Plus. Google+ is owned by Google and it's a fact that whatever anyone updates on Google Plus, it's immediately indexed by Google search engine.

According to Wikipedia, google Plus has 111 millions active users.

If you have a Google account like gmail, then your Google Plus account will be created automatically. You just need to go and complete your profile via your bio and don't forget to put blog or sites link there.

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5 Smart Ways to Drive Handsome Traffic from Google Plus

So, here are 5 Smart Ways to Drive Traffic from Google Plus.

1. Engage With Like Minded People

Google Plus is one of the best site to get engaged with people with the same interest. Try to be friendly with everyone. Make all your posts allow to public so that even any stranger can get access to the content posted by you. 

2. Be Active on Google Plus

In order to Drive Handsome Traffic from Google Plus, it's necessary for you to be active on your Google Plus account. Post your contest on daily bases, Reply to the comments from readers. Build strong relationship with other users and you can get benefit with it.

3. Use Google Plus Communities

Just like facebook groups, there are a lot of communities created on Google Plus. These communities are great source of gaining Handsome Traffic to your site/blog. There are thousands of members in each community. Some communities even have 100K+ members also. If you join some of these big communities, and post your blog content there, then there will be a good amount of traffic you can get to your site.

4.  Use Google Plus Widgets

Always keep in mind that Google Plus owned by Google and the content shared on Google Plus is first priority for Google Search Engine to be indexed. If you use Google Plus share button, follow badges and their commenting system on your blog/site, then it will take much less time to be indexed by search engine crawlers as you have build strong link with Google Plus.

5. Insert Hash Tags in Your Text Content

It looks a little bit strange but it's very beneficial to insert #Hash Tags in your content. When you put them in your content, it's readability access become lifetime. The use of hash tags increase the reach of the content and also it effects good on traffic 

From the Editor's Desk:

So, as you have learn 5 Smart Ways to Drive Handsome Traffic for your blog. These methods are quick easy and also recommended by the experts. I myself using these simple ways to get extra traffic for my blog. In the end, after reading the above article, if you have any confusion regarding this, then feel free to share your question below. I will try my best to solve it. Thanks! 



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