Thursday, June 12, 2014

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Is it Necessary to Add an Image in the Blog Posts?

  About two days ago, one of my readers email me and ask a question in his email that " It is necessary to add an image the blog posts?" and request me to write an article on his question. As I always respect my readers, so, I promised him that, I will try my best to solve his issue.

  So, In this post, today we will discus the factors or importance of adding an image in the posts. As we know that, every pro blogger always don't forget to add at least one suitable image to it's every blog post. Because without any doubt, we can say that, a picture tell's thousands of words OR we can also say that a blogger can't complete it's blog post without adding or inserting a suitable image. Your post will be much better if you add an image to your post. No matter what are you writing for. If you add an image to your blog posts, you have told half of you post already. So, always remember to insert images in your blog posts, if you want to make your blog posts better then before.

My Final Words:

 So you have read the post Is it necessary to add an image in blog post? I hope you found in useful and you got the importance of images in blog posts. If you have any query or question in your mind, then feel free and friendly to comment below. Thanks
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  1. It is not a rule or norm to put images inside the content area of a blog but if needed so we can use images in our blog. Using images we make our content more attractive and users like the information with images. The another benefit is since Google can't read images directly so we can pass information to Google about our images through title and alt attributes of images. It's also help in improvement of keywords ranking. HowToCracker