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Quick Tips to Download Youtube Videos Without Software

If you want to download youtube videos without using any software for your personal use or anything else, then you have reached at right place.

Since youtube has become one of the world largest video sharing website. Anyone can find any type of videos on youtube. Whether it is tutorial, any movie, drama or even business tips for learning or any other purposes.

Many people ask how to download youtube videos without any software or is there any way so they may not required to download a software. If you are one of them then don't be worry.

Download Youtube Videos

Today, am gonna share some quick, easy and simple ways to directly download any type of video from youtube without using a software.

Download Youtube Videos Without Any Software:

So here we take start...! 

1st Method: First of all go to youtube and open any of your favorite video which you have to download. 

Now in the address bar, where the URL of the site is presented, simply change the domain name by adding ss before As shown below:



 Now press enter and wait for some seconds and your video will be ready to download directly without any software. 

2nd Method : This another method is also quite simple and just as same as the 1st one.  
The difference is that in 1st method, we added ss before but in this 2nd method, we can also add dl before the youtube domain. And after waiting of little time, video will be available to download directly.

Note: I would recommend readers to go for the 1st method because some time the 2nd method might not work properly. But as per my experience, the 1st method always work. And you can quickly download youtube videos without any software to your PC system. 

Final Words:

So as you have learned some quick and simple ways to download youtube videos. If you got them useful, then feel free to share this with your friends and on your social connections. If you have any query about the above methods, then tell us in the comment below. We will love to solve the issue.


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